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PHACE understood the need to work with adults who themselves were delivering as educators in a variety of settings with vulnerable families. We questioned what existed in the Peterborough for these families and sought to fully understand the style of interventions currently being offered to families who were referred for help. We learned from working in partnership with Peterborough Council Early Prevention team and we established a stakeholder forum for adults working across the city. The partnership was underpinned by the expertise of CCI/Fullscope Creative Care resource. These workshops provided the core of a potential arts training model alongside reflective discussions with participants.

Encouraged by good outcomes we established another pilot with an Academy Greenwood Dale, encouraged by Senior Manager Charlotte Krzanicki, who fast tracked school engagement and enabled us to deliver a second pilot with investment from Norfolk & Norwich Festival Bridge. We also learned to consider more deeply the narrative of the families we were training our adults to work with.

The two pilot projects enabled PHACE to work with:

  • 15 organisations

  • 27 adults working with vulnerable families [SENCO youth leadership Charity sector]

  • We gave away 100 quality sourced gift bags to those in training & families in need.

In the summer of 2021 after several failed bids for funding, including LNER, and Cambridgeshire Skills Family Learning investment, a trail led us back to City College in Peterborough to seek a successful 10k investment to deliver 2022 and try to establish a future recurring funding stream in Peterborough.

PHACE are now leading this training programme via City College Peterborough infrastructure which is cross-sector and includes 20 participants working as educators with Peterborough vulnerable families. It is Action Research based, offering each participant artist workshops, resources, and peer learning mentor support to target specific families with arts practise, that enables dialogue to happen in a very different way.

These are some of the outcomes shared via Padlet containing visual and anecdotal responses.



During lockdown and over the summer holidays. PHACE worked alongside Festival Bridge and the regional LCEP network, 64 Million Artists, Norwich University of the Arts and an amazing group of on-the-ground networks to create and distribute 24,000 creative inspiration packs to children in most need, across East Anglia.

We’re proud to have helped commission 25 local artists who created activities for the pack – they’re great for all ages and can all be done at home with minimal resources.

In Peterborough 2050 printed packs went to vulnerable families via the City Council’s Early Help Service, City College, City of Peterborough Academy,Family Action, Paston Farms Community Foundation, Little Miracles and Queen Katherine Academy. The packs are still available on the Festival Bridge website – you can download, print out or send to a friend!

We were also delighted to be able to provide 400 families in Peterborough with resource packs to help those most in need to take part. You can see more about that in this article from Karen Moody, Head of Prevention and Early Help Services.

Lets All Create and Discover At Home

Young people can also use the Let’s All Create packs to get an Arts Award Discover. The packs have been designed with Arts Award in mind and will pair perfectly with Trinity College London’s Discover at Home programme. Find out more here.

If you received one of these beautiful art packs, we’d love to hear about it @PHACECEP use #LetsCreate

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Throughout lockdown UROCK Youth theatre, a company of 10 young people aged 14-18 from across Peterborough, Corby and Cambridge, have created weekly films using their mobile phones to record their daily lives under lockdown. They have joined a national project The Coronavirus Time Capsule, by Company Three, to create the videos giving an insight into young peoples’ experience of lockdown.

 The complete series can be viewed on   https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIH281L-KW4E0CpkS2lT1Fieax1671K0x      


Quick reflection from UROCK young people – Time Capsule Project.

Michaela: these videos helped me cope being stuck inside and be still involved with theatre that I love :)

Kiarna: it’s given me structure and made me feel as though I’m this time of struggle, I am still a part of something to be proud off and my voice is still heard.

Lewis: These sessions have brought some much-needed structure back into our lives and is a testament to not only our ability work together but that close communication is a necessity for the arts

Jake: its helped me stay in contact with my friends and people I want to spend time with :)

Freya: given structure to a week where nothing was going on and given me something to work towards

Ami: I've had something productive to do during lockdown, the time capsule gave me a purpose for a while & a reason to get up in the morning.

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Led by Peterborough Cultural Partnership for Children and Young People CiC, this projects' aim is to design and signpost a visible cultural offer for Peterborough. Beginning in 2020, PHACE intends to launch a new campaign, The Faces of PHACE, which aims to connect local business with the cultural education agenda, through raising local aspiration and inspiring young people. The campaign will not only support young people in Peterborough to develop an awareness of the City’s cultural opportunities but will also support artists through commissions; remind stakeholders of the importance of youth voice and raise awareness of PHACE and its role in cultural education.

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The PCPAA is a newly formed board where Performing Arts specialists in educational setting have come together to collaborate and create. The purpose of the board is give teachers and practitioners the tools and links to their communities that can support their work in their studios to support curriculum design and mapping. 
We have contact with large organisations across the cities and their vision of how they want to shape their projects to support young aspiring artists/performers in schools. This includes: artists and companies seeking schools to be involved in their community projects, artist workshops and advocacy around venerable students’, organisations that aim to support schools’ Gatsby Benchmarks for creative careers and how to expose students to the creative, cultural and arts industry in their area. This is a bespoke and exclusive group where PHACE can share guest speakers of resident artists in specified field to support your students’, hands-on CPD for new and development teachers in your Arts departments  and access to teaching resources to support with planning/curriculum with a emphasis on exam specification needs and finally a vision to create an event which showcases our students’ work on a platform through our stakeholders and partners where they can create, collaborate and perform with other students from neighboring schools.

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